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RPM Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm that has been investing in revolutionary businesses for nearly two decades. The firm is led by three partners, each former entrepreneurs themselves, who founded and joined this firm to be the venture partners they wish they’d had as founders.



For nearly 20 years, RPM Ventures has offered entrepreneurs the ongoing resources and support -both financial and experiential - that they need to fuel their revolutionary businesses. The firm is rooted in the innovative culture of Silicon Valley and the work ethic and core values of the Midwest.

All three of our general partners are former entrepreneurs who learned from their successes, their failures and—most notably—from their investor experiences. The partners felt strongly when they launched the firm that it wasn’t enough to simply say RPM was a value-add investor. They envisioned a firm whose sole focus was to truly help its entrepreneurs, first by building a real relationship with the entrepreneurs and understanding exactly what their businesses aimed to do, and then by determining how the firm working together as a team would help that company grow over time.


Today, that whole-team approach is one thing that sets RPM apart in the world of venture capital: Every founder gets the benefit of working with a whole, well-rounded firm, tapping into each partner’s diverse strengths and relationships. And because our partners are also the largest investors in the fund, we maintain a rare freedom to focus exclusively and extensively on our current portfolio companies and entrepreneurs.


In short, RPM operates like the venture capital firm our partners wished they had when they were entrepreneurs.


  • We are experienced as both entrepreneurs and as thesis-driven investors.

  • We look for - and require - a genuine alignment with our firm, our founders and our investors; our partners have no individual deal attribution and are our firm’s own largest investor. 

  • We believe that capital is a tool used to leverage and scale great companies, not a mechanism for fixing bad business models.

  • We are hands-on and engaged through every step of our portfolio companies. As a relationship-driven firm, we make our entrepreneurs our top priority…just ask them!

  • We very often lead early stage investment rounds in B2B and B2B2C technology companies, actively engaging both at a company and a board level. This is the stage and sector in which the partners previously scaled their former businesses.

  • We have wide-ranging relationships in numerous sectors and are recognized as thought leaders in the mobility, automotive, financial services, insurance and real estate sectors.

  • We have a diverse group of aligned and engaged limited partners, from private foundations to family offices to strategic corporate investors, and more.

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