RPM invests in early stage technology-enabled B2B and B2B2C Enterprise Solutions & Marketplaces.

Our thesis-driven investment focus has been refined over time based on our experiences and relationships built from our prior investments and entrepreneurial experiences. As a result, we are recognized as thought leaders and have built a wide range of strategic relationships in several focused sectors, including: mobility, automotive, enterprise software, financial services, insurance and real estate

We also love to invest in businesses that overlap or intersect within our existing areas of focus. Series A investing is our sweet spot, comprising about 75 percent of our deals. On occasion we will also lead Series Seed or Series B deals, especially if we know the sector well or have a significant relationship with the leadership team.


A large,

Big markets—in the U.S. and globally—mean opportunities for big business.

Complex, entrenched pains
in the market

The more obviously flawed the market is, the better. Better still when the pains have been identified and there are budgets to solve them.

Business models with rational-unit economics

Our companies should functionally shift cost or revenue curves for the industry, forcing competitors to change their behavior.

Exceptional entrepreneurial teams

A good team is usually equal parts discipline, grit and passion. 


We look for excellent ideas that buck conventional wisdom. We joke that we like companies with visions so large that they have no rational chance of success.


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